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(A) What’s the Time in Tallinn? (1/2)

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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, where about 1 million people speak Estonian, a non-Indo-European language closely related to Finnish.

The following expressions show how to tell the time in Estonian:

Kell on üks. Kell on kaks. Veerand kaks.
Pool neli. Kolmveerand üksteist. Viis minutit üks läbi.

Here are some numbers in Estonian:

6 kuus 7 seitse 8 kaheksa 10 kümme

A1. Translate the following times into Estonian:

a. 8:45
b. 4:15
c. 11:30
d. 11:05
e. 12:30

A2. What do the following Estonian time expressions mean?

a. Kakskümmend viis minutit üheksa läbi.
b. Veerand neli.
c. Pool kolm.
d. Kolmveerand kaksteist.
e. Kolmkümmend viis minutit kuus läbi.

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